“The wall separating terraced houses or semi-detached houses is known as a Party Wall…”

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From July 1997 the Party Wall Act came into effect and it is now part of the law throughout England & Wales. It was put in place to provide a framework to prevent and resolve disputes relating to party walls. This includes party walls, boundary walls and excavations close to neighbouring buildings.

This means that anyone who wishes to undertake any works described in the Act must give notice to the adjoining owner detailing the work.

This includes work on an existing party wall, any new buildings along the boundary of two properties and excavations between 3-6 metres of a neighbouring building depending on the depth of the excavation.

Eastbourne Party Wall Surveyors

If you are unsure as to whether you need to enlist the help of a party wall surveyor, then why not get in contact for a consultation. You can speak with us and go over your situation to ensure that all parties are meeting their obligations and help prevent any delays in the work you have planned.

We can also advise you if you are an adjoining owner and your neighbour is planning works that fall under this category. We can ensure the Act is followed to help protect your property against any potential damage by the Building Owner.