Property Disputes

“Even the simplest of disagreements can result in disputes…”

Meridian Surveyors have unrivalled local experience and expertise in assisting with all types of property disputes including Building Disputes, Boundary Disputes and Party Wall Disputes.

We regularly prepare detailed Expert Witness Reports to assist with resolving disputes and provide professional evidence in both Arbitrations and Dispute resolution. Our surveyors are fully qualified and experienced in acting as Experts to assist in resolving disputes.

Once instructed our surveyors will assist in your dispute by negotiations and if necessary attending Court Hearings to provide further professional impartial evidence.

Boundary Disputes


Boundary disputes are very common and often escalate into tense situations between neighbours. Most Boundary Disputes can start off following a minor disagreement leading to stalemate as owners are naturally passionate about their homes and gardens.  When minor disagreements develop into full disputes it can be beneficial to employ the services of a Chartered Surveyor. In these situations Meridian can act impartially and assist in bringing the dispute to a quick and amicable conclusion.

Meridian Surveyors have extensive knowledge in Boundary Disputes and often act for both private and corporate clients, including Local Authorities to advice and resolve disputes.

If you find yourself in a dispute or argument with your neighbour, which escalates beyond friendly discussion give us a call.  We can remain impartial to provide professional advice to determine boundary positions. Allow us to act as mediators to ensure minimal damage to neighbourly relationships.

Survey-Icon.170 RICS Consumer Guide to Boundary Disputes

Building Disputes

It is not uncommon when you enter into a contract for Building Works that disputes arise.  Building Disputes can take a variety of forms including sub-standard works, requests for extra payments following unforeseen or extra items and simple miss-understandings on the extent of works estimated or allowed for.

In these circumstances relationships quickly break down and prevent projects from being completed.  Even minor disputes can escalate to significant disagreements often ending in in long drawn out legal battles costing many thousands of pounds.  Before your dispute ends this way why not consider instructing Meridian Surveyors to carry out a full and expert assessment. This will help to establish if parties are at fault and help to work out a solution.

Our Experts reports are completely independent.  we will provide impartial advice to help resolve disputes.  We also undertake single joint appointments to prepare experts reports for the Courts in situations where no alternative resolution has been possible.

Party Wall Disputes

For full details of our services relating to Party Walls click here.